Textile Design

School Of Textile and Apparel Design

The school of textile and apparel designing intents to train young people as professional designers in the area of textile, apparel, coir and other natural fibers. The school also intends to impart the people from the craft, handloom, MSME and cottage sectors involved with craft of the State with the knowledge of quality awareness, designing, dyeing and marketing through short term training programmes and workshops.

Post Graduate Diploma in Integrated Textile and Apparel Design

The two and a half year Textile and Apparel Design Programme is developed to prepare students for employment in the Textile as well as the Apparel Design / Fashion Industry. The course intends to train young professionals with the relevant technical and design inputs in the areas of surface ornamentations of fabric through various weaving structures and post loom processes like printing and dyeing. Emphasis is given to train them with real projects in association with the handloom, coir and garment sectors of the State. Due importance is given to the theory of fabric structures, study of looms, loom mechanism, dyeing and printing while imparting them with the practical knowledge in the apparel, weaving, dyeing labs of the textile department.. The students will initially have good grounding in the Fundamentals of Design, Colour, Form, structure, etc.

They will learn how the Textiles and Apparel are developed and made through hands on learning as well as through technical, theoretical, historical studies, field study, research and project based. These inputs will enable them also to understand the properties of materials, uses and its application. Inputs to understand different fibers, natural, manmade, manmade natural and mineral fibers, enable the student to select the appropriate material for the purpose required.

The course will cover a wide range of textile techniques. It will cover the study of fiber, fabric development using one element, such as knitting, crochet, multiple elements using weaving structures and different techniques in weaving, non-woven structures such as braiding, sprang, felt, etc. and the related technologies used to achieve all the above which will enable the student to use these to design as well as make products.

The use of dyes & pigment as a medium in use of surface design to apply colour and pattern to ready fabric / textile as garment will be an integral part of the learning. In the area of apparel the student will learn to measure the human body and transfer this information into a draft pattern used for production and convert it to a garment. Different kinds of seams and construction methods for different applications / styles of garments, sleeves, skirts, dresses, covering different methods of achieving fullness, flairs, gathers, cowls, pleats, etc. will be explored through design projects and special exercises in styling and construction.

The student will be exposed to designing and developing both male and female apparel. Learning to design collections for a ready to wear market, Indian as well as international will be covered through projects. Similarly through Design project a collection of clothing for special occasion for High-end market will be experienced through research, developing a fashion and colour forecast, developing a concept which will include print, embroidery and other types of surface and value addition methods integrated into the collection of garments.

Similar project based learning will also be undertaken for the designing and use of textiles for clothing, interiors and outdoors. After the 1st yr an internship in industry of 4-6 weeks will be undertaken by the student in the textile or the apparel industry to gain experience & apply the learning so far in the real life industry design and production set up. The curriculum also incorporates training in entrepreneurship for encouraging them to take up their own business.

Final Graduation / Diploma Project will be guided by KSID faculty for 4 to 6 months, during which a student will take on a challenging project with the industry as a design student who will need to perform as a professional, applying the learning so far, from developing a design brief, concept development to prototype and development. This whole experience will be systematically documented and submitted as a document for evaluation by a Jury of Faculty to graduate from the programme.

Curriculum Flowchart for PG Diploma in Integrated Textile and Apparel Design